Marketing is hard, and its study often swings from eager consensus to incoherent debate. Unplanning is my attempt to rethink some of those popular theories and work out how businesses can do marketing better.

My first major attempt at this was The Tortoise and Hare, showing how small businesses need different marketing tactics, which won the IPA Excellence Diploma President’s Prize in 2016. My second is Adapt or Die, which demonstrates that great brands of any size ignore universal rules and survive through flexibility not dogma. Adapt or Die builds to a simple 13-point approach, the F.E.A.R. Checklist, that gives any marketer a route to growth.

This work will evolve and these theories will be built on and over. If you’ve got feedback, have a question, want to chat or need some help, drop me a line.


Adapt or Die: The Nature of Brand Strategy

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"Required reading for anyone who is serious about trying to create successful brands today"

— Tom Knox, founder DLKW and ex-IPA President

The Hare & Tortoise: How Brands Are Built in the 21st Century

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